Guidelines for ICF Mumbai Articles

The ICF Mumbai Website is a valuable resource for professional & aspiring coaches. On a monthly/bimonthly basis the ICF Mumbai website now plans to include three to four articles on the topic of coaching. We want to focus on creating awareness of coaching and the practice of coaching and how it can help society. So we are turning to you, our valuable members, for expert advice and novel contributions!

To start you off, here are some ideas to consider:

Articles can include topics like:

  • Coaching initiatives
  • Business/marketing topics. For e.g. how to manage your coaching business
  • List-style articles. For e.g., 30 powerful questions, 10 ways to market your coaching practice, 5 strategies for connecting with resistant clients, etc.
  • Theory/Evidence-based Coaching
  • Coaching tools
  • Coach specific skills focused around the ICF competencies
  • Practical insights drawn from coaching research
  • Manager as a Coach: Practical tips for managers to practice coaching
  • An Interesting coaching case study. ( Please remember to keep clients names anonymous!).
Book Reviews:

  • Did you read a book that enriched your coaching knowledge? Tell us about it! .
  • Submission Guidelines
    • Please stick to the word limit. Articles : 1000-3000 words, Book Reviews : 500 words. All articles to be submitted as Microsoft word documents.
    • Please submit a brief profile (100-150 words) and a photograph which can be published with the article. 
    • Once we have accepted an article, we will work with you on required edits, if any.
    • We welcome original, previously unpublished articles.
    • Rejection and acceptance of articles is at the discretion of the editorial panel.
  • Deadline for Guidelines
    • We accept article all round the month and year.
    • Depending on the volume of submissions, the article submitted, may be uploaded on the Resources page of the ICF Mumbai website for the subsequent month..

If you have an idea for a column or feature article that you believe would be of interest to our readers, don't hesitate! Write to us at

We look forward to hearing from you.