Guidelines for ICF Mumbai Blog

The International Coach Federation, Mumbai blog was created to serve professional coaches around the world by providing an interactive forum for the sharing of knowledge, best practices, and ideas.



  • Posts must be useful to the readers of the ICF blog—thus we ask that all guest blog posts must fit under one of these categories:
    • Marketing (Social media/Branding/Public Relations/Technology)
    • Business (Management/Leadership)
    • Research (Case Studies, Success Stories, ROI)
    • Resources; Training (Education, Credentialing, Accreditation); and/or Ethics.
  • The post must not include marketing-related links and must not be self-promotional (this is why we include an author byline).
  • All posts must be original content, not previously published elsewhere.

  • All guest blog posts must be kept below 500 words.
  • All posts are subject to editing (we will not rewrite your post, but may make grammatical changes, minor edits, title changes, photo changes, and/or other changes.)
  • If a post needs improvement, we will return it to you with suggestions).

  • Guest bloggers may submit posts as frequently or infrequently as they wish. If you wish to set up multiple posts (whether weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.), please coordinate with ICF Blog editors.we will return it to you with suggestions).
Post Date:

  • Guest posts may be submitted at any time.
  • Once received, the post is reviewed and scheduled on the ICF Blog Editorial Calendar.
Submission Needs:

  • When ready to submit your post, be sure to include a brief biography (no more than 100 words and up to two links to external sites); a recent headshot; a headline for your post; and artwork ideas for your post (if you have a low-resolution image that you have permission to use, feel free to send it).
  • Please note that guest post submission does not guarantee publication.
Social Media Sharing:

  • All guest bloggers are encouraged to promote their post through social media channels.

  • Be sure to monitor and respond to comments left on your blog post.
  • We want the ICF blog to be an open forum, so feedback is strongly encouraged! If a critical comment or complaint about the ICF is left on your post, please alert to respond appropriately.

  • Write in simple, easy-to-read language.
  • Please use respectful, non-judgmental language in the blog.
  • Posts should be well-written but without abbreviations or difficult words that would make it challenging for our non-native English audience to read.
  • Posts with short paragraphs and/or bulleted points are easier to read.
  • Make your post more user friendly by including the use of video submitting ideas for artwork.
  • Add personal flair to your post. It is ok to mix both professional and personal writing styles when blogging.
  • Read through your finished post prior to submitting for publishing.
  • ICF will edit your submission before sending, but it is always a good practice to catch the minor edits first.
  • Fields required for blogs - • Title • Description • Date • Image • Category

If you are interested to publish your blog here kindly mail us at

NOTE: Rejection and acceptance of blogs is at the discretion of the editorial panel.